“I met Shawn Michael almost four years ago (2010) and since have lead worship with him many times. He has a heart for God and a heart for music. His attitude on and off stage is the same: humble. His current project, “Crowns Down”, has been in the works for well over a year and has been anticipated since his first project “Elevation” came out in 2002. Treat yourself to this awesome new release from Shawn Michael. You won’t regret it.”

“Shawn Michael is a a great worship-writer and leader as you will find anywhere. His talent, passion, heart, integrity, and humility have always impressed me, and it challenges me to want to live for God myself. Shawn’s music has always blessed me and there is an anointing to it that brings you right into the presence of God. Shawn also sang at my wedding, and that was a huge blessing as well. Shawn has the talent, experience, anointing, and vulnerability of any of the well known artists, and he would be a huge blessing at any worshipful event.”

  • Matt Davis – Music Aficionado and Critic

“There are lots of worship leaders doing a great job of leading others in the worship of our Lord these days. It has been my experience that not all of them have the particular calling or anointing to take you into the literal Throne Room of God. Shawn is one of those worship leaders. It feeds my soul every time I get to receive through Shawn’s leading. I feel closer to God and can literally tune out everyone else in the worship space and focus on my Lord. You won’t want to miss this worship

“Shawn’s heart for worship is matched by his talent. God has truly blessed him to not only be a worship leader but someone who creates those much needed moments with God through the act of worship. It is in those collective moments that Shawn’s gifting comes out by inviting the presence of God through the act of worship. Shawn continues to show his love of the Savior and his desire to see people come to Jesus through his writing and leading.”

“As Shawn Michael’s genuine and intimate love for Father God is expressed through song, gates open and you find yourself being drawn into that place of glory your heart has only yearned for!  Let him take you there…..”

“Shawn is very talented on multiple musical instruments, an excellent vocalist, songwriter, and a world-class media expert. However, what I appreciate about him the most and what he does better than ANYONE ELSE I know, is create an environment where creative people thrive. He has a personal presence and persona that instills trust in and between people which sparks innovation and  generates collaboration.” 

  • Sam Rockwell, PhD – Gateway District Supervisor and Adjunct Professor: CU Boulder, Pepperdine University, Life Pacific College, Kings University

“Not only is Shawn a great team member, but he is an incredible leader. Having Shawn on my team, I learned so much about worship and being a great worship leader. He is multi-talented and he excels in many areas of worship. His vocals are as great in harmony as they are in lead and his piano skills are the best of anyone I know. Great musician, great songwriter, and a great friend — this is Shawn Michael.”